Going Home

When I went to my family reunion this past summer I saw my Aunt Laura Fay and Uncle J.H., when I was little my Uncle JH was my favorite uncle. Many of you know that I am adopted, my Uncle J.H. is my birth mother’s brother, so he is my real uncle. Anyway, I used to follow him everywhere when I was a toddler, I fully remember when he had to go to the hospital, I don’t know how old I was, I just know I was really young. I remember standing my ground and demanding that my grandparents take me to see him, I remember going to the hospital and seeing him there in the bed, I remember my cousins being there. I don’t know if I remember it so vividly because I was told the story so often by my grandmother or if it is a real memory. But I know I always loved my uncle, I didn’t see him for a long time because once you are adopted and move to a different city, well, over time you have a new routine and it gets harder to maintain relationships.
When I went to the family reunion this summer it was a reunion of my birth mother’s side of the family, I believe I have said that before, but anyway, I saw my uncle there. He was 90 and looking frail, I cannot begin to express the level of emotion that gathered in me. I am so happy I went, I am so happy I got to see him. Today he went home, he went to be with his son Gary, his mother and father and his siblings that went before him. I know there is great rejoicing as a son is welcomed home, people will miss him here, but are happy that he is no longer suffering and in pain.
He was a World War II vet, he lived the American Dream, he went to work, he worked hard, he had a family that consisted of a wife and 5 children, countless grandchildren and great grands, and if I am not mistaken a couple of great greats thrown in there.
Even though I was not his child, when I was young he allowed me to tag along, follow him around like a puppy dog and never, ever made me feel like I was a bother. He taught me how to play poker (much to my grandmothers chagrin) he always made me laugh.
I am so happy I got to see you one more time Uncle J.H., to hug you, and hopefully let you know what an influence you were in my life.

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