American Pride

I have been thinking a lot lately regarding the sad state of what is actually taught in our schools, these children, American children, are not being taught about American history. Not in the school system and not at home. Even when my children were in school I noticed the degradation of American History being taught. Where was Thomas Paine? The Federalist Papers written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. These two alone should be mandatory reading, the ones who founded our country, shaped our destiny.
Why are parents not teaching these things? I taught my children about American History and our part in it, they have a lot to be proud of, between their ancestors on my side who fought in the American Revolution, to their dad’s side that came through Ellis Island. Their forebearers were great people who had a hand in creating this great nation. Workers, men and women who were fearless, I believe the reason my children are fearless in carving out their lives is due to the stories of their ancestors that I told to them. I will be passing these stories on to Tessa as well, I will also be teaching her about her country, why it is worthy of her love and loyalty.
America is the land of opportunity, it is this worlds’ best hope for true freedom, I really believe that, I believe we need to instill in our children the love of this country. When did we stop doing that? Was it when they took the pledge of allegiance out of schools? The children of today don’t know what loyalty is, they are not taught it at home, they are not taught at school, they have no loyalty to family or country. We are truly headed for disaster if we do not correct this soon, we need to start instilling in our children a love of country, the love of this country, loyalty to their family as well. If they are not taught this early they will never learn it.

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