Stressful Television

I hate drama, and I don’t very much care for the people that start it, I am so stressed out from watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. Teresa is lying a lot, we saw last season where she told Caroline and Jacqueline both to not talk to Melissa and Kathy. Bravo plays a lot of those things to show Teresa couldn’t tell the truth if it bit her in the behind. Just an example is the cookie thing, Kathy never once said oh these are my mother’s recipe, Bravo replayed that scene, she said oh my mother used to make these. Teresa sees drama where there is none and then explodes it into something completely different than what it was.
I do believe it was the right thing to do when Joe got her out of there, the only nice thing he did all season. I do feel bad for her seeing what her husband said about her to what was obviously another woman. I hope they really have worked things out on that front, as I did feel bad for Teresa, no one deserves for their own husband to say those things about them. EVER.
I wish Teresa would go back to writing her own blog, it is obvious it is not her, it was way more colorful when she did it herself.
We now know what Jacqueline was going through at home, since the article in People magazine came out. I do not envy her at all going through that, it will be a lifelong battle, to secure the treatments her son needs and to figure out what works and what doesn’t. She was very brave making that public, perhaps helping others in their struggle with Autism.
I believe Dina Manzo needs to step up to the plate and tell Teresa my family means more to me than you do. She has many siblings and in-laws she has ditched simply to be friends with someone that if she disagreed with would dump her in a heartbeat. It has been shown time and time again, Teresa is only loyal as long as you agree with her. Tell her you are going to distance yourself while you work on your relationships with your family.
Another fun filled week at work, 2 days there, one day off, two days there, two days off, the next shift change starts September 9. I will be working Monday through Thursday this time around, it should be interesting. Having three days off in a row will be very restful, I hope!

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