Crazy Cat Lady in Training

Well here I sit on a Saturday morning, drinking my coffee trying to decide what kind of old person I want to be. I believe we should make these decisions early in life so it doesn’t sneak up on us. I know I want to be sassy, I would like to be likable, I want to be independent and still full of wonder regarding God’s miracles in life. Large and small. I would like to wear nothing but red and purple, when I die I want to be buried in a ball gown with designer shoes. Because if I am going to be wearing something for eternity I want it to be fabulous.
At one time I wanted to be known as the crazy cat lady as that is always a fun moniker, however the thought of dying surrounded by cats is a little scary. So I do believe that is out for me, I don’t want to be the mean, scary old woman, I have seen that in one of our neighborhoods, never a good thing.
I do believe I want to be a cross between my grandma and my mom, that is a good combination. If you all decide what kind of old person you want to be let me know I am very curious about these things.
Today is filled with Tessa, me taking her to Samantha’s birthday party, I know she will have so much fun. Then trying to get out of my son what he wants to do for his birthday, it’s Wednesday, the Irishman’s is Monday, crazy month of birthdays.
I don’t think this will be a long entry, I have seriously not had enough coffee, ah coffee, the main love of my life. Elixir of the gods, life giving force, this is the Ambrosia that is talked about in Greek Mythology, don’t believe me? With it you feel as if you can conquer any task, sound familiar? With it you will live forever. Ok, you may not live forever drinking coffee however, you will go out on a buzz!

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