Facebook Drama

Today is my Friday, oh how I have missed you, I longed for Tuesday to be Friday, but it was not to be, i have now subjected myself to the once a week Friday. Granted it is coming a day earlier than most people’s, but still, only one Friday a week for me.
Tomorrow will be spent picking up Tess from school, I have something special planned for her, I am so excited! Ok, so, I bought her this pink furry coat and I am in such a quandary, do I give it to her now, or wait until Christmas. If we get a real cold front she could wear it now, well not September but perhaps the end of October, November, get more use out of it. Plus I would get to have the joy of giving it to her and take pictures of her. Elizabeth Anne had a fuzzy coat when she was little, I can hardly wait to give Tessa hers! Ok, so tomorrow is new coat day as well!
I found a new place to take her, CooCoo’s, I have checked them out and they look so fun! I know she and I will have a blast.
Ok, so, Facebook, I decided that when I first created a profile on Facebook that it would only be for friends and family. I went beyond that and started playing those games and accepting requests from people who I really wasn’t comfortable having on there. So, I decided to clean up my Facebook account, I started deleting people who in the world we would not be friends, we would never hang out together, I really didn’t want to be apprised of their thoughts, their daily habits, as I am sure they had no interest in mine. I announced that I would no longer being playing any games, such as Castleville, Cityville, Mafia Wars and Yoville and if anyone wanted to delete me, please feel free.
I really wanted my Facebook to keep up with people I don’t get to see every day, people who I do see, however don’t get to hang out with after work, and for long-lost friends, family, relationships of that nature. Thanks to the games I do have some people who I have gotten to know and they stuck around, deleting people is hard work, but I shall persevere and keep cleaning.
Today is Starbucks day, I am very happy, I shall be indulging, I hope everyone has a great Friday, oh I mean Thursday.

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