The Music of our Generation

I’m so glad I grew up listening to groups like America, Kiss, The Bay City Rollers, The Commodores, Alice Cooper, Michael Murphy, Todd Rundgren, Johnny Cash and a host of other groups and singers. Music has been the biggest influence in my life, if no one has ever heard the song Daisy Jane by America; I suggest you give it a listen. It is a delight, the perfect blend of harmonies and tones, I could listen to it over and over, and I have.
I listen to all genres of music, from orchestra to rap, some country thrown in; music has been there in my heartbreak, my girlish dreams, my victories in life, the birth of my children. Every aspect of my life has its own background music, its theme songs and the songs I have cried to, the ones that spoke my life story even before I knew what it was.
For as long as I can remember music has been there, waiting for me to discover something new or go back to something old. Music has the magical qualities that allow me to indulge in time travel, to lift me up or to allow me to wallow a little in self pity.
The music being made today (and I still love it) is not the same, however, every generation has its voice, its theme music. I just don’t know how, in thirty years, an adult will be proud that Justin Beiber sang the soundtrack to their life. I just don’t know how they will hold their heads up; I guess we will see if he holds to the test of time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Brittney Spears, Pink, Backstreet Boys and several others, even those have been around about 15 years. I am not loving some of the current ones, however I find myself really loving Elle Goulding, her song lights is a wonder.
I rarely put someone down for their musical tastes, instead I ask them to share and see if there is a common ground. Typically, anyone who truly loves music can find something in common, a melody, a chorus, an arrangement, or just the pure love of music. It is able to sooth the savage beast, tame the wildest heart, calm a crying child, and help a 16 year old girl through her first heartbreak. Music has magical properties that we mere humans will never completely understand.

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