Disclaimer and Revolution Review

Before I do anything I have to print a disclaimer, yesterday I said I believed the last great men were my dad and grandfather, well I have to add another to the list, my BBFF, yes Jess. Jess is loyal, faithful, an amazing friend, and I believe will be a terrific husband to some lucky woman. Applications are currently being reviewed, not by Jess mind you, but by his sister and myself. She gets final word, however I do believe I get input.
Ok, so, Bones was back with a bang last night, what a wild ride, the bad guy was caught, then not so caught. I can only wonder what it means that the FBI agent picked up the flower at the end. Questions answered, questions abound, gotta love it!
I watched the new show Revolution last night, it is on NBC, it caught my curiosity as it is a JJ Abrams offering. I have to tell you, it is going in the DVR rotation, very well done, loved the premise, very curious to see what is going to happen. It sucked me in from the get go, the only thing that bothers me is how fast vegetation overtook the planet, it only appeared 12 or so years passed since the lights went out, no electricity, no cars, nothing, everything rusted so fast. Perhaps that will be explained, perhaps not, I look forward to the journey.
Well folks Tuesday is upon me and I must finish dressing for my day, till tomorrow, happy trails to you!

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