Tessa and Semi Rant

I have to tell you, I completely enjoyed having three days off in a row, it was just wonderful. I started with a leisurely Friday, which included picking up Tessa from school, taking her to play at a place called CooCoo’s, the McDonald’s for some chicken nuggets and more play. I dropped off a very tired little girl to her daddy. What fun we had, she is so funny and smart, the things she comes up with are just hysterical.
She said to me, “GiGi, when I grow up I am going to be a queen and live in a castle”, so I said, well you know who the queen is right now don’t you? To which she replied “me”, I had to explain to her that I was indeed the queen for right now as I am the grown up. She was so funny, then I asked if I could come live in her castle with her. She said yes, that everyone could live in her castle, I can only surmise that is a big castle.
A friend of mine said the most profound words to me this weekend, “I have a skewed view of men from watching Jersey Shore.” We were talking about how almost all men today seem to think it is ok to lie and cheat to and on women. It is disgusting, seriously, why do you all think it is ok? Why do you do it without forethought or any guilt? I think the last great men were truly my dad and grandfather, I can only hope I have raised my sons to be different. That it is not ok to lie and cheat your way through life. There are certain expectations one has when entering a relationship, honesty, loyalty and faithfulness are just a few. However these days the only place you find that is with a pet, it is sad that in today’s society there is so little loyalty in the world.
I believe the internet has made it easier to cheat, also places like Twin Peaks has not helped. Women are barely clothed and men think that is normal. It’s not! I say let’s get back to morality, let’s get back to when it was popular to be faithful to ones spouse. This includes women, just say no, come on, you can do it.

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