Facebook has brought out the narcissist in me, I feel a need to point out I have always been vain, and slightly photogenic, however with Facebook I am taking it to the extreme. I have the urge to take pictures of myself and post them. The face only, mind you, but still, I took a look at it the other day and just stared in stunned silence. I have to get a handle on this; no one wants to stare at that many photos of me. It’s insane, then I started looking around at other peoples Facebook pages, I noticed something, others have the same affliction. Why are we so obsessed with ourselves?
When did this happen? Has it always been there and social media has amplified it? I know within myself, it has always been there, I can stare for a long time in the mirror, and as a matter of fact I have to have my mirror time. Of course I have a tendency to just look at my face, nothing from the neck down. The urge to post a photo of myself is overwhelming and when someone clicks like or makes a comment what a heady feeling. I am sure I am not the only one whose ego feeds upon this; I wonder if anyone else has had the realization that this obsession with ones self is not healthy.
Emotionally it can really mess with your head, if no one likes your photo, is it a bad one or am I losing my looks. Those are thoughts I have, I know no one else will probably admit to being as vanity driven as I am, but I think you all know I feel a need to put everything out there. Well almost everything. I am going to go cold turkey and post no more photos of myself unless others are in the photo with me. Such as Tessa or if I can ever get Elizabeth Anne to take a photo with her dear old mom.

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