Yesterday was a fun-filled day, I got my new glasses, I look amazing in them, then buying cookie butter for myself, Elizabeth, Jeffrey and Alex. Then picking Tess up from school, we went on an adventure, we went to the duck pond, where there were so many ducks! I had never seen that many ducks in one place. She played on the playground, then it was off to McDonald’s for some food and more playing on the playground. We went back to her house for playing with the dogs and, well, on the swing set out back.
Then it was dinner and Target with Elizabeth Anne, always love spending time with that girl, at our favorite place, Taco Bueno, of course, then Target.
I had an amazing conversation this morning with my friend Shanon, I cannot wait to be able to fill you all in on that. However, it is not time, just know I am going to have a major, amazing announcement soon.
I have cleaned the kitchen, done laundry and watched Hercules, I miss that show, the bad outfits, the bad acting and the fun. So much fun on that show! Alright, going to have a diet coke, thank you Irishman, and watch The Avengers, again.

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