Sleep Deprived

Well it is Monday morning and I am dragging, I had a hard time sleeping last night, as you are all aware I always do on Sunday nights. I watch way too many shows, I watched Scott Baio’s new show, I watched Once Upon a Time, Revenge and topped it off with Real Housewives of New Jersey. RHoNJ wore me out, it was exhausting, I am so glad it is over; I could not take another Sunday night of that mess. I would suggest all of these women get off the reality television ride, focus on their families and get their lives back on track.
I will say I was pleasantly surprised by the new offering of former teen heart throb Scott Baio, See Dad Run was an old fashioned, family sitcom. Loved it, it was funny, and a family could watch it together and parents would not have to address anything they are not ready to. I highly recommend this show and have set my DVR to record it, hopefully this is only the beginning and it will be picked up and run for many years.
I admit to not doing a lot yesterday, I had to run to Jeffrey’s to drop something off for him to take to Elizabeth Anne, other than that, not a darn thing was done yesterday. I managed to fill my car up with gas, just so I would not have stop this morning, also managed to go grocery shopping. I guess I did a little more than nothing.
I am about to explode, I have something so exciting to share with everyone and it is not the right time to share. When I finally get to share it, you are all going to just scream, maybe some of you will be shocked, maybe some of you will be extremely happy for me, maybe some of you will say, who does she think she is. I don’t know, but I do know that I am so beyond excited.

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