Stop Pretending

Question of the day: Does every girl pretend to like what a man does until they catch them? This was a topic of discussion on the radio today, on Kidd Kraddick to be exact. The conversation started off with Ethel Kennedy saying how great Taylor Swift is, how she does everything they do. She is game for anything. This is a new relationship, so of course Taylor is doing anything the man wants, in this case boy wants. Isn’t he in high school?
I cannot remember the last time I pretended to like something for a man, so here is the real question of the day, when do we mature to the point that we don’t have to impress anyone of the opposite sex? Is it maturity or is it just exhaustion, it is exhausting pretending to be something we are not. Seriously, I wouldn’t know, I have never pretended to be something I am not. I have never watched sports for a man, I have never swilled beer for a man, I have never pretended to like something he does just to “get” him. I have always just been myself; however, I have watched many of my women friends do just this.
It begs the question, why, why are you doing this? What happens after you get the man? Do you then go back to being who you really are? Do you stop pretending to like sports, mudding, camping, fishing, whatever it is that you have pretended to like in order to land your fish?
This is why we should all just be ourselves; it must be exhausting pretending to like things you have no interest in. Of course it is exhausting being just me at times, I am pretty high maintenance, I require an inordinate amount of placating, I tend to live in my own world and I require my own Starbucks store in order to get through the day. Who wouldn’t want that?
So ladies, I am challenging you to just be yourselves, stop the pretending, just let the men see you for who you really are. I am betting you are spectacular, let it show, if you are a bluestocking, be one, own it, fill that house with books. If you are a fashion forward dresser, let your fashion self show, let him see you in all of your glory.
Will expect to hear all of the results of this experiment.

One Reply to “Stop Pretending”

  1. freddy and his dad say that. not that we dont do it to get someone then stop its just its fun in the beginning and then it gets boring. I DONT LIKE TO HUNT 24/7 yeah maybe a few times a year but not EVERY WEEKEND!!


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