Polka Dots

My Friday is upon us and I could not be more thrilled, I didn’t get much sleep last night, I am having ear issues. One ear, my right ear, so strange, my right arm hurts and my right ear is doing strange things. I think the right side of my body is falling apart. However I look fabulous, new Anne Klein dress, black with white polka dots and a red belt, throw in some red pumps and we have a great outfit.
I am hoping this weekend is low key, I need some sleep, tomorrow is Tessa time and possibly a doctors visit for ear thing, if it does not clear up by then. I have no other plans, I want to catch up on my TV time, my laundry and I really, really want to organize my bedroom. I need to do so much to get ready for the colder weather coming. Such as organizing my closet, getting my boots out and seeing what needs to be replaced. Other than that, I am planning on sleeping and waking up to drink copious amounts of coffee. That’s healthy, right?

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