Makin’ It

As I was driving to work one of my favorite songs came on the radio, it was Makin’ It, by David Naughton. I love that song, the lyrics speak to me, especially this part:
Listen everyone here
This coming year’s gonna be my year
I’m as bad as they come
Number two to no one
I’ve got looks, I’ve got brains
And I’m breakin’ these chains
Make some room now dig what you see
Success is mine
I’ve got the key
I’m makin’ it

This year has not been good to me, however, 2013 looks like it is really going to be my year. So many exciting things are coming my way, I can hardly wait to share with everyone. I know without a doubt that God loves me and has great things in store for me. I just had to travel an unbeaten path to get there.
I am looking forward to a year that has a good luck number in it, I have often said 13 is a lucky number in our family. A whole year with that number, well the possibilities are limitless, add a Friday the 13th in there and my eyes are spinning in my head. So amazing! I don’t have a lot to say today as I am not completely filled with coffee yet, working on it, will get there, just not at this moment. It is my Thursday, I gearing up for a great “Friday” and a fantastic weekend. So until then, I shall say see you later, tomorrow in fact. I will be celebrating tomorrow, I expect everyone to have their Starbucks in hand while reading me!

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