Recording, Sons and Sarah Palin

So many things to write about, my head is full, I’ll start with yesterday, at the beginning so to speak. It started with me going into the studio to record with Shanon. Our first show, it airs today, 7pm on Heaven 97, a Dallas, TX based radio station, if you download the Tunein Radio app on your smart phone then search for Heaven 97 you will be able to listen to us.
I hope everyone enjoys the show as much as we enjoyed doing it, while I was in studio, the DJ who was on air at the time asked us to come in and do a live promo for the show. It was so exciting! I felt like Kelly Raspberry! I think it went well, it was my first time on the radio, and it was fun!
Afterward I went to Target, I came out and my car would not turn all the way over, well it would turn over, but would not catch. Alex was in the area and came and got me and helped me get the car into a parking space. Well, I helped him, ok, I was more of a hinderance, but he got the job done. Then today he and Jeffrey came and of course the car started right up. Jeffrey will be bringing something home to test it next week. I feel very blessed to have two sons that will drop everything and come to the rescue of their mother. I don’t have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to properly express how I feel about them. Just know I will be grateful for the rest of my days for my sons.
I watched Game Change today, mostly because I love Danny Strong, he was Jonathan on Buffy, he wrote Game Change and actually won an Emmy for it. Everyone knows I am not a big fan of Sarah Palin, I do believe she was a liability to John McCain in the ’08 election, I believe if he had convinced Kay Bailey Hutchison to run as his VP it would have been a much tougher race. I do not believe they vetted Palin properly, or at all. She was uneducated, a wild card and personifies everything that I am appalled by.
However, there are things I do admire about Sarah Palin, her strong moral character, her unwillingness to bend in what she believes to be the right way of doing things, her loyalty to her family, the way she loves her children. If she had been educated, she would have been a force to be reckoned with, if she can get herself up to speed, learn about foreign policy, world events and the economy, lose the accent, I really hate the accent, I believe she would be unstoppable.
Please remember to listen to our new show today, I hope everyone enjoys it!

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