This past weekend was one of the most memorable ones I have had in a while, thank you so much Shanon J for this amazing opportunity. Our first show aired Saturday night and it was a hit! I am beyond thrilled at the positive feedback we have both received. I wish I could tell you more, but it will have to wait a while.
I have to stop watching the Walking Dead before I go to bed on Sunday nights, I had dreams about being one of the characters off and on all night. It was crazy nuts. It was a shocking episode; I won’t talk about it because I don’t want to spoil anything for those who have not watched the episode yet. It was a great episode and gave me nightmares, so you know it was awesome!
On my twitter feed I am following two of the housewives from the RHNJ franchise, one has been very good about updating her twitter feed regarding the situation in Jersey these days. She and her family have been very fortunate, they have two generators, using them sparingly, certain rooms in the home, not all. But the thing that impresses me the most is she is using her twitter to gather items to hand out to the less fortunate, the whole family has gotten into the spirit helping. I cannot tell you how many truck loads they have delivered to effected people in their area. They set up a central location, the business of one of the family members, Cafface is the drop off point, and even before they can make it to the building people are dropping off items. This is incredibly amazing to see, the human spirit is resilient, unstoppable and if you are an American, it is unbeatable.
The major telecommunications company I work for has 10,000 employees that have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy; the company has set up a fund that will go directly to these families. I am so proud to be associated with such a company, which is where I chose to direct my funds, to help a fellow employee. It is simply wonderful they have chosen to help the employees, I hope the employees feel that we, here in other areas care about them and are praying for them and want to help any way we can.
Being in Texas it feels as if we are far removed from the people up there, and yes, we say up there, but seeing the footage, reading the tweets, I pray for these people, my fellow Americans. I know without a doubt New York, New Jersey and all of the other areas up North will not only recover, but come back stronger.

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