Election Day is Here

Today is Election Day here in the United States of America, it is one of my favorite days, no matter who wins, I love Election Day. The history of the vote in America is a controversial one, the founding fathers never meant for all the people to have the right to vote. They wanted only educated, land owners to have the right to decide the fate of the country.
In 1868 the 14th amendment states that all persons born or naturalized are citizens of the U.S. and the U.S. State where they reside. In 1870 the 15th amendment says you can vote no matter race, color, or previous condition of servitude. Finally all men could vote. Men. In 1920 the 19th amendment says on account of sex, finally women could vote.
I urge you all to go out and exercise your hard earned right to vote, our forbearers fought hard for us to have this right. We owe it to them to make an educated decision, to really learn about the issues, decide which course of action is best for our country and vote the way we feel is best. I am appalled at all of the uneducated voters, ones who don’t bother to read anything, to learn the issues. Won’t listen to a debate, nothing, seriously, why would you waste your vote? I was taught to research the issues, educate myself, to make an informed decision. My parents never tried to sway my vote one way or another, to this day; I don’t even know who they ever voted for. Except for my mom, in one election, her first in 1932, she only told me that in 1987.
All of my children are of voting age, two have taken advantage of early voting, Elizabeth and Alex, very proud of them. Jeffrey is like me, he votes on the day of, a traditionalist. I don’t tell them how to vote, I encourage them, like my parents encouraged me to educate themselves on the issues. I am proud to say they do, they are well educated humans, I am proud of the adults they are becoming.
So today, if you have not read anything, listened to anything, please take a moment, read an article, educate yourself before stepping into that booth. You owe it to the ones who fought for your right to be there.

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