Stop the Fighting!

Well, I have been gathering my thoughts, I have something to say and I wanted to be clear and concise regarding this issue. The election is over, it is now time to stop the fighting, fighting I felt was unnecessary to begin with. I have stopped following people on both sides of the fence on twitter.
I am going to tell you why. When I see things from the winning side saying “suck it Republicans” and from the losing side “the country is doomed” I am cleaning the language up by the way. I am appalled, is everyone forgetting that we are all Americans? We are all, really, on the same side; we all want a great country to live in. A safe place to raise our children, enough food to eat, a warm place to sleep and neighbors we can count on. We have that, let’s focus on that, and let’s focus on making this country great. Forget the political differences, forget the fighting, remember who we are, we are Americans, first and foremost.
Let’s get back to the business of being a country, don’t tell me I suck due to who I voted for, and I won’t tell you that I think you’re stupid. For the record I don’t, I know whoever voted differently than I did their research and decided that was their candidate.
We all have different points of view, we all look at the world from a different angle, let’s respect that

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