Weekend Happenings

This weekend was both uneventful and yet fun filled, I know, only I could accomplish this in one weekend. I admit, if I had not had to go out and replenish my coffee supply and pick up something for Elizabeth Anne, I would never have gotten out of my pajamas on Friday. But I did, and I went on an errand and went to Costco, very exciting stuff!
On Saturday I had headshots taken! Now that was exciting, I want to tell everyone if you need any type of photography done, from family photos to weddings to headshots, J.Renee Photography is the way to go, check them out at http://www.jreneephotos.com, this is the son of my dear friend Sandi, Jason, he is fantastic. It is just amazing to me to see the children I have watched grow up, become productive young adults, not only productive, but talented and just all around fantastic.
Then it was back home to watch television again, love that! I admit I am a television junkie, I cannot get enough. I have no shame about it either, I don’t understand people who say, oh I never watch television. To them I say LIAR, you know they are lying; they just don’t want to admit to the junk they love watching. I fully admit to all of the good and bad television I love so much.
Sunday was spent with Elizabeth Anne; I wish I had the appropriate words in my vocabulary in which I could impart all of the fun we have together. She makes me laugh so hard I cry. We spent part of the time in a Care Now, she thought she had pink eye, turns out it was an allergic reaction to hay. The best part was when she asked the Doctor, can you get pink eye from poo particles, I saw that on Knocked Up. The Doctor said that was a great movie, but no. I was laughing so hard, I had already told her you cannot get pink eye from that. No one ever trusts my wisdom, if it was on Knocked Up it must be true. I told her I don’t think you can go by anything you learn from a Judd Apatow movie. Love his movies but they are not exactly documentaries based in fact.
We went shopping, where she bought something for the gift exchange with her dad’s side of the family, I wish I could tell what she got, but I can’t in case one of them reads me. But it is greatness; I told her I want to hear all about it and who ends up with her gift.
Last night was The Walking Dead, I really should not watch that home alone by myself, in the dark, it is just terrifying. The writing is amazing, the actors are just terrific and it is about so much more than zombies. The range of human emotion and the way some sagas will never change even in the face of the apocalypse is just well done. If you are not watching this show you should really find it and watch from season one, well worth time spent in front of the television for this.

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