Next week is Thanksgiving, for most people it is a time for families to gather and celebrate, well, being thankful. Me, well, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, not out of any moral indignation on how our indigenous brethren were treated, or because Abraham Lincoln instituted the holiday. No I don’t celebrate out of habit, see when I got a divorce from the father of my children, we made the decision that they would go with him every Thanksgiving.
His family gets together every Thanksgiving, sometimes they go on cruises, or skiing, or just to another relative’s home. I never wanted them to miss that, so I gave away Thanksgiving for me, so they could feel like they were part of that side of the family. Don’t feel bad for me, I got Christmas Eve out of the deal, I believe I got the better end of that stick. The kids got both ends of the stick, they didn’t have to miss Thanksgiving with that side of their family and they got to have Christmas Eve with their mom, and Christmas Afternoon and Evening with their dad. It is what we call an all around win.
Back to Thanksgiving, before I came to the department I am in now, I stayed in my pajamas for four days, watching movies, reading books and eating puffy Cheetos to my hearts content. Now I work Thanksgiving Day and the day after, that makes me happy. Then I get to go home and read a book, watch TV and eat puffy Cheetos. Another all around win.
This weekend I will be alone, the Irishman is going out of town, so I will be spending the next three days in my pajamas, watching movies, television, reading books and not eating puffy Cheetos. Perhaps I will buy some Taco Bueno and it will be a perfect weekend.

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