This time of year I become very nostalgic, I miss Owasso the most this time of year. I miss the changing of the leaves, I miss the crispness of the air, I miss the expectations of snow. I miss Friday pep rallies and the excitement in the air, the promise of a football game well played. I miss going to Sonic after the pep rally with my besties. Tammi, Tonya and Pam, driving down 169 with Urgent blaring and us sing off key at the top of our lungs.
Most of all I miss my mom and dad, I miss hearing the stories of our ancestors, I miss the warmth of being in their home. I miss the Skate Ranch on Friday nights; I miss the sense of belonging that I felt there, in that place, in that time.
I have not felt that sense of belonging in any other place I have been to since; I don’t know if I will ever recapture it. Don’t get me wrong, I feel a sense of belonging when I am with my Ladies that Lunch crew, I felt it in my Mary Kay meetings led by Sandi. I never felt it in the PTA meetings at the schools in Plano. I don’t feel at home in Plano, maybe because it isn’t my hometown. Maybe, just maybe, one only feels truly at home in their hometown. I know that is the case with me, perhaps others feel that as well, I don’t know.
I do know I felt a tremendous sense of homecoming this past summer at my family reunion, I have not felt that in a long time. It was nothing short of amazing, but it still does not compare to how Owasso makes me feel.
When I drive into the city itself these days nothing resembles what I grew up with, there are more stores, more housing developments and even the landscape of the school has changed. But nothing changes the feeling that the city of Owasso imparts to my soul. It says welcome home, we’ve been waiting for you, I feel in that moment welcomed by an invisible force. It is inviting, warm and loving, it is as if I never left, the people are the same friendly faces I remember. I drive down Main Street, and while some of the buildings have changed, the feeling has not; it still emanates a slower pace of life, a time gone by, a place where speedy decisions are not made.
I know I will never move back, but in my heart, Owasso will always be my home.

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