I find myself irritated today; I would like to remind the people who like to drive slow that you have something in your car called a gas pedal. Accelerate; it is called that for a reason! Please refer to your driver’s manual and learn how to use it. Driving 50 miles per hour on a highway is not acceptable; making it where I cannot pass you is inexcusable. Just a not, I drive fast, it is ingrained in me, I think I inherited it from my dad and my grandpa, that song I can’t drive 55, well I fully believe it was written for my family. My dad used to point to a speed limit sign and tell me “see that number?” me: “Yes sir” him: “that number is just a suggestion”.
I spend more time after getting to my destination asking God’s forgiveness for the things I have said about other drivers than I did actually getting to my destination. This morning on the way to work there were more people on the road than normal as this is Black Friday and they want their deals. It seems the slowest drivers decided that it was a good time to get on the highway. Go back home people; no deal is worth irritating me for!
I stopped at Starbucks today, of course as it is Friday, I got to stop at my favorite location, Custer and Parker, love that store. My favorite barista was working, my coffee treat is perfection and I got a snowman cookie. Don’t judge me; I plan on being fat and happy for Christmas, think and miserable for New Years. That is my plan.

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