With all of the sadness that is being felt by America this week I don’t want to talk about it. I am instead going to talk about something else, something that I have been thinking about for a while.
Hugh Hefner, yes you read correctly, I have been thinking about him lately, well, his character.
You see I was a huge fan of The Girls Next Door, I don’t know why, but I was, and I was fascinated. How did this man get these beautiful women, throughout his whole life. Of course growing up I was aware of Playboy and the bunny, the brand, who didn’t want something with that bunny on it. Growing up Freewill Baptist of course I never got anything with that bunny on it.
We were all aware of his women, we were aware when he became serious with one, it made the news, Barbie Benton comes to mind, the whole world just knew they were going to be together for life. It was a sad day when they broke up. And we were sad, there is no explanation why we have watched this man and his relationships the way that we have.
The thing I have learned from watching him is this, he is honest, he is perhaps the most honest man in America. He tells women flat-out, this is the way I live my life, this is my belief system if that is not acceptable to you tell me now. And the women flock to him, we have seen some want to change him, they have not been successful, we have seen some want to use him, they have fallen by the wayside and we have seen some genuinely love him and him genuinely love them back.
I am like Hugh Hefner in the fact that I am honest about who I am, what I expect from people, I tell them upfront this is who I am, this is my belief system and it is not going to change. I expect loyalty, fidelity, honesty and above all I expect the person I am with to be who they are as well.
I do not enjoy being around people who are fake, I enjoy very real people, that is probably the reason I am so fascinated by Mr Hefner. He is now engaged, again, to Crystal Harris, I, along with the rest of America watched him try this last year. He is ever the optimist, another reason I am fascinated with him, he has found love, he never gave up on this woman and now they are going to give it a go again.
I say hats off to him, at his age being this optimistic with love, and folks being who he is, he has no other reason to marry.
I find myself, at a certain age, engaged to be married, no wedding date set, we did have one, but that got pushed aside for various reasons. I am more cynical than Heff, (don’t you like how I call him that, like I know him) I am waiting, for what I am not certain. I have been engaged now for three years, well it will be three years on New Years Eve, perhaps I will just stay this way. One never knows, I have thought of getting married on my parent’s wedding anniversary, January 13, this is a good luck day in our family. My parents were married 59 years before my dad passed. I also learned honesty from them, they were always true to themselves and each other.
I believe everyone should stay true to themselves, and if you are with someone, true to each other, whatever that means to the both of you. I shall continue to remain true to myself and to my fiance, I am fiercely loyal you see, once I make a commitment I stick it out to the end.

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