Hair, Christmas and Stuff

I am trying to decide what to do with my hair; I need to have it done, cut, color the whole nine yards. It has blond in it now, I have officially been every color except black, I have never had black hair. I do believe I am too pale for black hair, I would look like a Goth person, not saying that is a bad thing, it just would make me look, well, silly.
I know what you are thinking, with everything that has happened the past few days how can I sit here and write about inconsequential things. Well, I don’t want to write about my feelings on what has happened it makes me incredibly sad. I have chosen to not partake in the conversation about gun control and who is to blame. I choose instead to write about things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of life.
So back to my hair, when I was a red head I enjoyed it, however I am really pale, my own dark brown suits me, probably because that is what God intended, however, my theory is, if he wanted me to stay that color he would not have created all of these wonderful colors. I really like the blond, I don’t know why but I feel like it suits me, personality wise, I have found that people don’t expect nearly as much from you when you have the blond in your hair. Maybe that is what I need now, low expectations of me; however I can only keep that up for so long. Then the original brown haired girl rears her head, oh maybe a warm caramel color, something in-between. I totally need to think about this, I liked when my hair was purple, but I am a little long in the tooth for that now, perhaps when I am 90, then people will just think I am eccentric and not weird.
I so cannot wait until after Christmas and I can tell you all what I got my children for Christmas, I am so excited. I really hope they love it and will cherish it the way I do, I have been sitting on this since the summer, it’s hard keeping it a secret for so long. I am not good at keeping presents a secret, when I buy it I want to give it!
So Thursday at 9:00 am CST I will be free, I will be running out of this building to finish my shopping, buying the food for our Christmas Eve feast and wrapping presents. Don’t forget Conversations with Shanon J and Angie B, which will be on this week as well. I am getting some great feedback from listeners, remember if you have missed any of our shows you can catch up on and subscribe to our podcast on ITunes. For those last minute gift ideas check out our shop, you can get all kinds of goodies there.

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