Happy Christmas

Well Christmas has come and gone, I can finally talk about what I got my children for Christmas that I thought was so fantastic and could barely wait to give them. My mom, their grandmother, was amazing, she was smart, funny, kind and anyone who met her felt instantly at peace. She was also a published author, she was published a lot in a newspaper out of Kansas called Capper’s Weekly. Back in 1956 they asked for their readers to write about experiences in coming across the country in a covered wagon, they asked for family legends or first hand experiences. Some of the people who wrote in were in their 80’s and 90’s and told first hand experiences of coming across this great nation in a covered wagon. Well my mom wrote in, she wrote two stories, they accepted both of them, they printed the best stories that came in, my mom was the only one to have two stories printed in the book. This book goes in and out of print all the time. I was able to find the publisher and ask that they notify me when they put the book in print again. They did so this past summer, I was able to order each of my children their own copy, they now have a tangible part of their Grandma Testerman that they can keep their entire lives. I hope they cherish this as much as I enjoyed being able to find it for them. If you ever get a chance, check out the book, My Folks Came in a Covered Wagon, well worth the read. I feel we lose so much of what made this country truly great, the spirit of adventure, of survival, of exploration, my forbearers were explorers. They first came here from Prussia and moved all across this country, from Virginia to Missouri, to Upper State New York, to Oklahoma and all the way to California. I think my children have this sense of exploration, they love going places and seeing different things, they may have a double dose as their father’s side came here from Italy, went to Chicago and landed in Oklahoma, along the way moved to all different places in this country and abroad. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and checked out the tips Shanon J and I gave on the show and put on the website http://www.convosate.com, we will next be talking about how to survive New Years as a singleton.

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