So Much

I don’t know where to start, there is so much in my head, let’s start with Christmas, I got the most fantastic presents, first off, Christmas Eve with my children and Tess was greatness as usual. The Irishman was missing as he had to work, but Freddy was there, laughter and good natured ribbing was the theme of the evening.
I got new pajamas from Elizabeth! It was such a surprise and was absolutely wonderful, see I get her pajamas every year and this year she got me some! Love it! I also got my favorite movie Gone with the Wind on BluRay, that was huge, and gift cards and new slipper socks, the huge coffee maker from Starbucks from the Irishman. I hope everyone liked what I got them.
I had the week off and I am going to be honest I did a lot of nothing, saw a movie with the Irishman, we went out to eat one evening, took care of the boys cats. That was about it, I have to go to work tomorrow then off for the rest of the week.
Last night, O.M.G, Shanon J called and said hey I am working the board tonight, let’s do the show live, at first I was all like, I’m not ready for live. Then something took over, and I sent a text that said I’m in. So down to the station I went and we did the show live! Not one blooper! It was amazing, I also met an amazing young man that is a youth minister at Antioch Baptist church in Dallas, he is going to be someone to watch. He has a show on Saturday nights as well and he brought a lot of people with him, they were all so nice. Their show is high energy, just fantastic.
I think I have a flesh eating disease, I base this on having a spot on my chest and on my nose, to wear my glasses I had to put a bandaid on my nose, I look like the total nerd that I actually am. Really embarrassing, so if anyone has any suggestions for dealing with a flesh eating disease please let me know.

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