Question of the Day

If you knew someone’s husband was cheating on them would you tell? What if you didn’t know the wife? What if you knew all parties involved, would you tell? What if you didn’t personally know any of the parties involved? What if you discovered, by going from one persons Tumblr account that had communicated with someone else in a very intimate way; so by going to that Tumblr and doing a search, figured out he was married. It’s crazy what people think they can get away with when they are on the internet.
I don’t know if I would tell because I don’t know these people, and does the wife know? She might, one never knows about these things. However if you could tell anonymously that might be entirely different, but even on the internet is there really such a thing as anonymous. I work in this industry and I am here to tell you that you leave a footprint wherever you go, so be careful out there.
I am still pondering my trip to Oklahoma for my Aunt’s funeral, I have such mixed feelings, on the one hand so sad for the reason for the visit, on the other hand, I am always happy to see my cousins and the remaining aunts and uncle. Also, there is something about the red dirt of Oklahoma that beckons me, it speaks to my soul. It tells me I am home and I am welcome, I always feel like the prodigal daughter when I go, I don’t even have words to properly explain my emotions.
So my dog is acting strange, she used to sleep all night but since I got back from Oklahoma she has been waking up in the middle of the night and wakes me up. She is like a toddler; I think she may be compensating for me being gone for a few days. I do believe the next time I go I will take her; she just cannot go outside in the front by herself. My cousin’s backyard is fenced and she can go in that without other dogs being there. She does have a little indoor dog, but Nocona likes little dogs so I think she will be ok.
So back to my original thought, would you tell if you knew one party of a marriage or relationship was cheating?

3 Replies to “Question of the Day”

  1. I just recently found out a family members wife was cheating. I don’t go to the husband. I went to the wife and told her if she didn’t tell her husband then I would. The messenger was shot but I would want to know if it was me.


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