This morning I woke up with the urge to listen to Andy Griffith and sing at the top of my lungs, so that is just what I did, I am sure if they neighbors heard me they would have called the police and reported me for noise pollution. However, I don’t care, I was making a joyful noise up to the Lord.
Isn’t it funny how a song or group of songs can take us back, my soul wasn’t here, it was in every FreeWill Baptist Church I ever attended as a child. Sunnylane, the one off of Blackwelder and of course the First FreeWill Baptist Church of Owasso. Those old songs tend to take me back, I am suddenly standing next to my grandma and grandpa singing my heart out. Or next to my best friend Tammi, knowing my voice was horrible and not caring, I know God does not care how badly I sing as long as I am singing praises to Him.
I am reminded today how fortunate I am, I have amazing family and friends, and a non-stop supply of coffee, it is a good time to be alive.
I didn’t get any responses to my question of the day, not surprising, I am going to tell all right here and now, I would want to know. I may, at the time, “shoot” the messenger, however in the long run I would thank them.
I am still mulling over my visit with my cousins Cindy and Paula, I hope they come down here to visit, I would love to take them around and show my kids off to them. Take them to see Jeffrey and Alex, then to the farm to see Elizabeth and all of her animals. I know they would enjoy it, I would even cook for them. Yes, it would be that big a deal.
Well it is Friday and I have enjoyed not being at work, I hope everyone has had a great day and has a fantastic weekend.

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