A Love Letter to Owasso High School

On Valentines Day I would like to write a love letter to my hometown, Owasso, Oklahoma. On Twitter and Facebook I learned about something extraordinary, the Owasso Rams Boys Basketball team started a twitter campaign to Dress Nathan Out.
Who is Nathan you ask, well, Nathan is a special needs student who attends Owasso High; he is the manager for the basketball team. The boys wanted him to have the chance to dress out, for non sports people this means he would get to put on the Owasso Rams uniform. For Nathan this would be a first, he has never gotten to wear the uniform he so proudly supports.
The team started a twitter campaign, the community joined in, then it went viral, Toby Keith started tweeting about it along with several other celebrities. I even started tweeting about it, the coach’s daughter brought all of the support to his attention and he called the opposing team and discussed it with them. Sand Springs has about as big a heart as Owasso and instantly agreed. The next hurdle was the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association. The only question they had was if he was eligible in all respects. He was. His grades were on track, he was physically able and all parties signed off on Nathan dressing out.
He not only dressed out, he dressed out in style, the Sand Springs team sent Nathan a gift of new shoes to wear with his uniform. Not only did he get to put the uniform on, he got to play, and play he did, he scored eight points in all, including two three-pointers, helping bring Owasso the win, 75-55.
Owasso has always had a big heart, now the world knows it, I am so proud to be from a community that fosters such camaraderie, such caring. When the youth of a community unite together to make one young man feel special you know the adults have done something really right. I have high hopes for the next generation of Owassoans, I fully expect to hear amazing things from these amazing young people.
So, today, on this day of love, I want to tell you all, the students of Owasso High School, I love you, I love your heart, your tenacity, your example, your overwhelming sense of giving and above all I love your ability to make things happen. You totally rock. Happy Valentines Day to you all.

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