I am really irritated right now, why you ask, well I shall tell you. I was watching old episodes of Sex in the City, while, like millions of women, I like the show, it still makes me angry. Carrie and her friends make some of the stupidest mistakes I have ever seen. I don’t know why I watch the show because I always end up yelling at the television.
Case in point, when Carrie first starts seeing Big she finds out he goes to church every Sunday with his mother, she tries to finagle her way in. He flat-out tells her no, this is a special time for just him and his mother. So instead of accepting this answer, Carrie, who apparently has never darkened a churches doorstep, dons the biggest hat she can, drags Miranda and off they go. They proceed to be as disruptive as they possibly can in the house of God. After the service she makes her way to Big to force an introduction, where he introduces her as a friend.
Her feelings get hurt, she confronts him and he, rightfully, blasts her, tells her he was not ready to introduce her to his mother as that is an important step. She is crushed, her friends tell her of course she is in the right. Well she wasn’t, she was so beyond wrong it was bordering on crazy.
If any woman tries to copy any of these women it really explains why they are suffering, these four women are exaggerations of the way real women behave or should behave. Why would anyone deify these four characters? I admit I watched, I enjoyed, but my enjoyment was in yelling at the wrongs that were happening. I also admit to being a little like Samantha in the fact that I love me, not the whole whore part. And yes I fully believe she is a whore, she will have sex with anything that moves. I don’t believe that is what God intended for us to do with our bodies.
So there you have it people, my Sunday morning rant, in conclusion perhaps it would be better if I watched something that calms me. I am getting older and I do not want to have a stroke while watching Sex in the City, talk about cliché.

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