Single Mom Thoughts

I am on day three with no sugar, by tomorrow I should be a treat to be around. By Friday it should be really fun, seriously, I am like an alcoholic with the sugar. I am Jonesing pretty bad right now. I am looking at my vitamins wanting to eat the whole bottle. I know what you are thinking, what the heck, well I have Flintstones sour gummies vitamins, they taste like candy. It is becoming hard to just eat my two a day, by tomorrow I should probably remove them so I don’t eat the whole thing.
So yesterday, on of the people I follow on twitter posted a story about a man who tased a 5 year old child, repeatedly. Who does that you may be wondering, well, a moron, a brute named Phillip Hudson, Jr. the ex-boyfriend of the child’s mother. Apparently he had been abusing the boy for years, when asked why he used a taser, he responded with spankings were leaving bruises so he decided to tase the child. There were multiple taser burns on the little boy, this had been going on for a while, and the mother was having the ex-boyfriend babysit while she was at work. He was caught when the little boy went to school and complained of his arm hurting, the teacher pulled up his sleeve to see what was going on and saw the bruises and took him to the nurse who called the police. Then the whole story came out, the abuse he had suffered for years. Years. This child is Tessa’s age, I cannot imagine what I would do if someone did that to her.
All we can do is pray for this little boy, not only that his body heals, but his soul as well. This is so sad and a prime example of why I did not date when my children were young. There was no way I was taking a chance with their physical well being, emotional well being or any part of their well being. I always wanted them to feel like their home was safe; they knew what was waiting for them in my home, just us, no strange men, and no abusive men, just us.
I did everything in my power to keep my children safe from harm, I hope I succeeded, I know for a fact that as adults they appreciate the fact that I did not have a revolving door. There were no new boyfriends, no “uncle daddy” as Kidd Kraddick calls Kellie Rasberry’s dates. I am really proud of the fact that I kept my children from that kind of drama; they didn’t need it in my household.
So single mothers out there, please think before you date, please think before you bring anyone into your home, please think of your children first, yourself last. That is the way it should be, your children didn’t ask to be here, you brought them into life. Make sure they have the best life you are able to provide.

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