Weekend Update

This weekend was a little busy after a week of not doing anything but trying to get better. Friday I actually went to the grocery store because I ran out of soup, it felt strange leaving the house. I had not left since going to the doctor on Tuesday. That wore me out, so back home to rest, put groceries away, rest again, put more away, rest some more, then bed. I know, my exciting life can barely be contained.
Saturday was movie date day, the Irishman and I went to see Oz the Great and Powerful, I enjoyed it. I thought the movie was a lot of fun, very much in the spirit of the Oz books. That wore me out, so back home to continue recovery.
Sunday was spent in Bonham, I actually went to see my amazing daughter and her “children” the baby chicks are doing nicely. I took Nocona with me so she could visit with her other furry friends; saw Mickey, who is going to be 20 this year. He is still feisty, I can’t believe that cat is doing so well; I still remember when we got him and his brother Arthur. I still miss Arthur; our pets really do become our family members, especially in this family. We become very attached, they have personality, they are loyal and never reveal our secrets. Way better than some humans I know.
Sunday was also dinner date night, or I should say evening, we had old people’s dinner, it was a very nice ending to the weekend.
I have nothing huge to announce, this past weeks show is not up yet on the site, you all will have to wait for it. It is worth the wait, believe me, we had a great guest, very powerful and wise words. If you did not get to listen live, you will totally want to catch it when it posts.
This coming Saturday is going to be really good; we have Pastor Purvey back in studio discussing dating while being a single parent. As most of you know I did not date while my children were growing up, I felt it was best for our family. I didn’t believe they needed the unsettling life of never knowing who was going to be there. I knew I was not going to get re-married while they were still at home, so why date, why introduce my children to someone who was not going to be around long term. Shanon and I wanted to know what effects it has on the children when this does go on and who better to ask than a youth minister who sees the after effects. It is a fantastic conversation and I cannot wait to share it with everyone.

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