So this weekend, while I was spending time with Elizabeth Anne, she asked if I had been listening to Kidd Kraddick. I said no, I had been sick; she was like I cannot believe you missed Love Letters to Kellie. She then went on to tell me about a letter, a man, writing in to tell Kellie his wife had lost weight and he didn’t like it. She had been 275 pounds when they got married and now she was 200. He was angry, he married a fatty and that was what he wanted, his words, not mine. He missed his pillow, which was what he said; he wanted to know how he could make her gain the weight back. Hmmm, odd, usually it is men wanting their women to lose weight.
It seems that when a man says I love you just the way you are, he means it, there is no room for change, losing weight, hair color change or the onset of wrinkles. Men should be honest, tell women from the onset, listen, this is the way I found you, I don’t want any changes, it doesn’t matter how many children you have, you need to remain the same. And whatever happens don’t get wrinkles, don’t lose/gain weight just never change.
Men on the other hand can let themselves go; they lose their hair, get beer bellies, and a host of other things. Doesn’t matter, we are expected to remain by their sides, but society believes it is ok for a man to trade a woman in on something new, seemingly improved, different.
What happened to loyalty? How are these men bred? Who breeds them? What kind of parent raises a son to adulthood with the thought that they should just go through life wrecking havoc, tossing aside loyal women simply because their bodies change?
At times there is the exception to the rule, not all men do this, however the majority do, we see it all the time, especially in Hollywood. Women are tossed aside for the new and exciting; however, in Hollywood women have attorneys and can exact vengeance. Take Demi Moore, she is furious at being tossed aside and embarrassed by Ashton Kutcher, she is exacting monetary revenge.
I don’t know what the answer is, all I know is I wish men were honest creatures, by nature most are not. I for one am tired of hearing I love you just the way you are, it is a half lie, they do love you the way you are in the moment they meet you. If you want to stay with your chosen one whatever you do, don’t change. EVER.
Once again there are exceptions to the rule, no hate mail please.

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