Facebook Drama

Today is my last Thursday as a Friday, I will miss it, I admit I have become spoiled; however, I shall enjoy my Wednesdays off as well.
This weekend will not be an easy one, I am going to the Mary Kay Career Conference at the convention center, I know you are wondering why this will be difficult. I have not been back to the Dallas convention center since Sandi passed away. This was the last place I got to spend significant time with her, at Mary Kay Seminar, before her passing. I am both looking forward to going and dreading the emotions it will bring to the surface. I still miss her so much, there is so much in my life that I would love to tell her, get her sage advice, and hear that wisdom one more time.
I shall not be alone in my adventure, Wanda and Louise will be there as well, we will have each other to lean on.
On to other happenings, apparently I have caused some Facebook drama, I try not to do this, however I unknowingly caused this. Last night Elizabeth Anne calls me and says mom, why did you friend so and so, I said I don’t even know who that is. What are you talking about? Apparently I clicked or touched or maybe by mind control inadvertently hit a button and friended someone I didn’t even know but knows my ex-husband. The only thing I can think of is she must have “liked” one of my pictures that I tagged Elizabeth in and I looked to see who she was, why, because I don’t know her. At that point clicked or touched where I should not have. I apologize if this caused any anxiety on the innocent bystanders.
However, here is my pet peeve, if you don’t know the person who posted the picture, don’t like it, or comment on it. If you do, something like this could happen, I don’t know you, I don’t want your comments on my photos. It is as simple as that, I never, ever, comment on something someone has posted that I don’t know. Simply because you have tagged a friend of mine does not give me the right to comment on your Facebook, I am asking for the same respect. That way you don’t run the risk of me accidently friending you.
There, done, going now, enjoy your Thursdays people, I will talk to you after Career Conference.

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