I am looking forward to this weekend, I have my Mary Kay Career Conference, there are four of us going from my group. This weekend will be very busy, I look forward to having next Wednesday off so I can rest, I foresee a mani/pedi in my future.
So, this past weekend, Elizabeth Anne told me a story involving her dad, it was so funny; I literally could not catch my breath I was laughing so hard. The really bad part of this is I can’t tell anyone the story! She would not be happy with me if I did. During the course of the conversation I said yeah unfortunately your dad has no filter. She said mom, neither do you, I said yes I do, she said no you don’t, I said yes I do! She looked at me and said mom, your eyes don’t even have filters. I have been thinking a lot about this exchange, she is right, I know I can convey my thoughts with just a look. It’s a gift, sometimes a curse, but there is no hiding my feelings or thoughts.
It’s a simple thing, to be transparent, to always say what one thinks; actually it’s a pretty great way to live. No one has to guess what is going on in my head; no one has to wonder what I really think of them. If I respect you, then you will know it, if I like you, you will know it, if I despise everything you stand for, and you will know it.
Loyalty and honesty, that is what I prize above all else, if you have those qualities I will be your friend, if you live a dishonest life, well it shows. You reap what you sow, those are very true words, what one does in secret it will come out, all things done in darkness come to light. Even on television, whatever lies people tell, whatever dirty deeds are done, it always comes to light. There are reasons why the stories are written that way, because it always comes to the light.
People never learn, throughout time, they never learn, from biblical times to now, I seriously don’t understand how people live their lives in the dark. Perhaps once they are caught doing whatever it is they are doing they are relieved, maybe they want to get caught, they get sloppy. Time and time again, you see it in the news, books, movies, people get sloppy, then they get caught.
So the moral of the story is stop doing bad things in the cover of darkness, because you will get caught.

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