Amazing Sons

I am ready to write about my weekend happenings, it all started Friday afternoon, with my new schedule I work on Fridays. I am not ready to give up picking up Tessa at school every other Friday so I am taking off part of the day to spend with her. So off I go, when I get to the school, she comes out and my car will not start, I have had some issues with it, but nothing like this until now. I called Alex and he dropped everything to come to mine and Tessa’s rescue. He was able to tow my car back to Jeffrey’s house.
Tess and I had a lovely afternoon as we were able to walk to the park and have a picnic snack and she was able to play with the other children at the park.
As soon as Jeffrey got home he and Alex worked on my car, went and bought the part they believe is causing all of the mischief and fixed it.
This was after Jeffrey had already put in a full days work, he could have easily said I’ll take you home mom and look at it tomorrow. But my sons don’t do things like that, they help immediately. I do believe I have the best sons on the face of the planet.
The next day Jeffrey called and he was sick and asked if I could come and take care of Tessa, 3 guesses as to how long it took me to say yes, hang up the phone get dressed and go over there.
Tess and I played all day and I took care of both her and my son, it’s good to feel wanted.
Sunday was spent with the Irishman, we went to see a movie and grocery shop, boring to some, fun for us.
Tomorrow is another Monday for me, I shall persevere, as I only work two days, then off two, this is not a bad schedule whatsoever.

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