It has been a strange, sad week, filled with horrific happenings, one by accident and one on purpose. I never want to see another news report in my life.
The thing I would like to focus on is the humanity I saw this week, first we all came together for Boston, then we stayed together for West, a small Texas town.
Seeing the state of Texas come together to make sure one of its own is taken care of has been a balm on my soul. Boston’s loss is great, West’s loss is horrific, it is a small town in Texas with a population of roughly 2800 people, when something like an explosion happens and there is loss of life, the exact number unknown, the whole town feels it. Everyone knows everyone in a small town, I know, I come from one, if something like this had happened in Owasso I cannot begin to imagine the devastation.
I know one thing for certain, West will rebuild, they will feel the outpouring of love that the country will pour upon them, and they will be strong. They have to be, they have to live up to the Texas legend, everything is bigger and better in Texas and that includes hearts.
This town has heart, you ask me how I know, I know because my friend Alanna lives there, and she has one of the biggest hearts I know of in a person. She is strong, funny, smart and beautiful, inside and out, her husband is the Superintendent of the schools there, she will be by his side helping keep spirits up. She has a rare talent for that, I know without a doubt she will be huge help to the community she and her family have become a part of.
There are times I am incredibly proud to be an Oklahoman (ok, all the time) however, there are times I am so proud I chose a state like Texas to relocate to. If I can’t live in Oklahoma, I am happy to be in Texas, the people have heart, like Oklahomans. They have strength, like Oklahomans, they have a way of bouncing back after tragedy, like Oklahomans.
As I sit and ponder the 18th anniversary of the bombing in Oklahoma City, the bombing in Boston and the explosion in West, I am reminded that we are all Americans. That we all band together when something happens that we don’t understand, when it hurts one of us, it hurts all of us.
We mourn together, we heal together and we rebuild together. Southern, South Western, Northern, Mid West, we all are simply Americans.

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