Still Angry!

I’m still angry, Pat Robertson’s views on infidelity really have me going, this is a supposedly Christian man, so, I decided to go to the source to see what happens to men when they cheat. Let’s take David shall we, this was God’s favorite child, he was so favored he was taken from sheep herder to King. God loved David, then David saw Bathsheba, he wanted her, he decided to take her. It didn’t matter that she was married to his friend, his friend who was in his army. David watched her as she bathed, now, I am going to stop the story her to tell you one of my own.
I was in Sunday School, and the leader of the class was teaching on this subject, do you know who he blamed for David’s perfidy? Bathsheba. I was incensed, I said, hold the phone, she had no control over her own destiny, this man spied on her during her bathing time, this man arranged for her husband to be killed. She could not say no to her king, her sovereign, we here in America don’t fully understand the hierarchy that was in place at that time. Your King was your leader, your father figure, the one that was supposed to take care of you, he had absolute rule over you. God placed kings in those days, he was the ruler of the land, one did not say no to him. I pointed out this Sunday School teacher obvious lack of research, and no I wasn’t asked to leave that one, but it did embarrass him, rightfully so.
I now get back to the original programming, so, David has her husband killed, marry’s her, they have a child, of course she was already pregnant before her husband was killed. So now we have a progeny of their sin, God does not like this, the child dies. Once again we have the evidence of the sins of the father being visited on the child, God did not intend for men to “wander”. We see it time and time again, you do not take what belongs to you, no coveting, not stealing, a hand for a hand, an eye for an eye. Old Testament vengeance, I am not suggesting we take vengeance, God will do that, I am suggesting that if a man really wants to be a man, he read the bible, he follow its teachings and stop this.
It’s not only men who were subjected to God’s wrath, Sarah, instead of waiting for God’s promise that she would have a son, told Abraham to lie with her maid to get a child. Then Sarah became jealous of the child, this child was her fault, she didn’t trust God. When Sarah did have a child, a son, as God promised, she made Abraham send his first-born away, with his mother, her jealousy did this.

Her jealousy has caused a lot of issues throughout history and continues to, I am not going to get into that here, but people, read a history book, do some research, especially if you are a Sunday School teacher. Because I am going to tell you something if you have me in your class you better come prepared, I was raised by people who not only read the bible but studied it, read commentaries, did research, I read those books as well. I had discussions with my dad and grandpa, these men were students of God. They raised me to know the material and come prepared, so you had better do the same.

As for Pat Robertson, well, I will leave him to God, I know he has a lot to answer for, telling a woman to forgive because her husband might be handsome and well men wander.

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