Apology or Pandering

So Paula Broadwell apologized for her affair with General Petraeus, which begs the continued question, is she sorry she did it or is she sorry she got caught. I noticed in the news article she didn’t apologize to the General’s wife and children, just her family and friends.
I find this type of apologize pandering, if she were truly sorry she would go to Holly Petraeus and beg forgiveness. Women betraying other women that is really what cheating is.
Paula Broadwell sickens me, don’t get me wrong I blame the man as well; he so totally should have kept his pants on. Of course, according to Pat Robertson he couldn’t help himself, he is a man and well that is what men do.
For now I choose to focus on the woman in this scenario, she gave no regard for this man’s wife, for his family, for her husband, all she cared about was, well to be crude about it, getting her jollies.
If her husband can forgive her, more power to him, although I would find it difficult, given the length of the affair and the fact she was jealous when she thought the general was seeing yet another woman.
Seriously, does this man’s pants actually have a zipper? Truth be told we only know about this due to Paula’s jealousy, if she had not sent an email this would never have broken.
The person I feel sorry for is Holly Petraeus; she is the only victim in this whole, sordid, story. She has every right to go public and tell everyone what she thinks of these women and her husband, that she is not, speaks volumes to her class.
Do we really care that Paula is sorry? No, we do not; this was her way of getting back into the limelight. Some people can’t help themselves; she should have privately told her family she was so sorry she was a whore, liar and all around idiot. That would have spoken volumes to how she wants to repair this horrible breach of trust she has enacted.

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