Life After Death

There’s a Beatles song that says one is the loneliest number, I disagree, I believe one to be a great number. Maybe I feel that way due to the fact I have really been the number one all of my life. I learned to be self reliant at a young age, learned that the only person I could ever really count on was, well, me.
I know I talk a lot about my kids taking care of me when I’m old, ok, I talk about Elizabeth Anne taking care of me. However I really don’t expect her to, I want my children to not have the burden of taking care of me when I am old. I fully expect to be alone when I die, it is only fitting since I have been alone since birth.
I often think about where I want to be buried, in Texas or Owasso. I am leaning more toward Owasso. My son is buried there and I don’t like to think of him being alone. I also don’t want my children burdened with thinking they have to visit my grave.
I think about death a lot, perhaps due to the fact I have been going to funerals regularly since I was a little girl. I think about heaven, who I will see, who I won’t.
I wonder if I will get to see my BBFF because everyone knows that the Baptist and Catholics are segregated. Will I have to share my mansion? Does everyone have their own? Can I share if I want to? Can I choose my age? Because I seriously want to be 16, wild, fun, no worries and able to play my music as loud as I want. How many animals can I legally have? Can I get a lion? All these questions, very few answers.

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