I like sitting in my car on my lunch break. I listen to the radio, sometimes read a book and play on my phone. Today I am so very tired, I seem to be tired all of the time lately. It seems there is not one time I am brimming with energy. Perhaps I have some sort of energy zapping disease. I don’t know what it could be. I do know I need some uninterrupted sleep, I am not willing to take ambien again. I do not want to sing the night away. That is not pretty, the sound of my voice belting out songs, just gross.
Yesterday was our nations birthday, I celebrated my freedom by working. Then Taco Bueno after, that wast reward. I work because I don’t have anyone to celebrate with, my kids are with their dad. It’s always been that way, first he had a lake house, now he is in the country. Way more fun with him. I get that.
So I work and get Taco Bueno, which makes me happy.
I was able to give motherly advice today, which makes me feel needed.
I just learned that this month is national ice cream month. How can I be skinny with things like this happening in the world!!! I am fighting a losing battle. I just need a good, old fashioned flu.

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