Bad Day

Ok, so, today as I was walking into work someone walking behind me said dang who has that big booty? That was me, the woman who said it meant it as a compliment. That is not a compliment to me, it has sent me into a tailspin, my self esteem is in the dirt. It already lives there as far as my body is concerned, and now it is just gone.
Telling a woman she has a big butt does not go over well unless the woman is dating Sir MixALot, I am not dating him.
This just makes me want to live on exlax and water for the next six months. I don’t even want to see what I look like from behind to elicit such a response.
Just so you know, if you are my friend, never, ever, tell me that!
I already know I am as fat as an elephant, so disgusting, no one should even look at me. No selfies for me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, maybe a picture of my feet, if they are not fat that day.

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