Dean Cain Goodness

So I saw an episode of The new Dean Cain show, wow, he is even better looking! How did this happen? He is sporting an evil Spock look. I am more in love now! Yes, I know if I ever met him in person a) I would make a donkey out of myself 2) he would not even give me a first glance III) I am too old and too fat for him to notice. I can still look at him and dream, age and unattractiveness cannot take that away from me.
I am so tired today, yesterday was a full day with not only Tessa but two additional little girls. We went swimming, then Jump Street, McDonald’s rounded out with a trip to Costco. I need a week to recover! Sleep is elusive, it is not my friend. I am hoping I can catch up this weekend.
Well I am done for now, I have to quit writing to continue dreaming of Dean!

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