Perfect Day

Anybody else tired today? I am beyond exhausted, I need a week in the mountains to get some rest, maybe 20 hours of sleep, that sounds lovely, however I have a busy weekend so no major amounts of sleep in my near future.
Wednesday was a total Tessa day, we kicked it off with a movie and chocolate donuts washed down with chocolate milk. Then pool time, there were 4 other children there that they were all ages 9 to 5. Perfect, she had a blast and we ended up staying there for 3 hours! Then back to more donuts and milk, getting cleaned up for shopping for Samantha’s birthday party.
We get to the store, I explain she would pick out the toy and I would pick out the outfit. She tells me “Gigi, I think we should get Samantha 2 toys.” I said um ok. She then said “and we should get me two toys too.” Which we did.
It wasn’t until later, while looking at the receipt I see one of Tessa’s toys was over $30.00! She has expensive tastes.
Then it was off to Old McDonald’s (her name for McDonalds) where we met a little girl that was just her age and size. They bonded like crazy! The term fast friends comes to mind. They had the best time and did not want to part from each other! I had to explain that Tessa doesn’t live in this city. But when she comes to visit me we will go back to that McDonald’s in the hopes of seeing Lili again.
It was a perfect last day together before school starts next week.

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