Sad Realization

It’s official, there are certain things I am too old for, Cosmopolitan magazine, Glamour magazine, sparkle eyeshadow and the VMA’s. watching Miley Cyrus twerk, grind and gyrate her way into the night left me shocked and saddened.
The upside was the shot of the shocked looks on Will Smith and his children. Apparently I was not the only one left in stunned disbelief.
I found myself more interested in the offerings of the discovery channel. Sad but true. I am getting old and it is obvious to, well, me.
This weekend was a busy one, I took Tessa to Samantha’s birthday celebration. It was a hit, Sweet and Sassy treated those girls to a makeover and runway extravaganza. So much fun to watch all of those little girls giggling, singing and dancing. Glitter was the theme of the day, the girls were sparkly and adorable. After we left Tess spied the indoor playground in the mall and of course we had to stop. Then she spied the toy store, I am such a pushover.
Then it was date night with the Irishman, we went to see The Worlds End. Loved it, a must see for Simon Pegg fans. If you have never seen Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz I highly recommend them. See those movies then see this one.
It’s Monday, must drink the rest of my coffee.

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