Inspired by Ellen

There is something to be said about an empty freeway, open throttle, 95 MPH and Detroit Rock City playing on the stereo. Happy Labor Day!
So, yesterday, on Facebook one of my second cousins posted something provocative. She said: “How do you deal with judgement? When someone you love is doing something that will harm them or others do you step in and address the issue with them? Or do you leave it to free will and watch the chaos unfurl?”
Having been in situations where I could see someone’s life hurling out of control at an exponential rate I feel uniquely qualified to give my thoughts on this subject.
The bible tells us to hold each other accountable, check out Matthew 18: 15-17, James 5:16 and Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. All excellent references on how to handle a situation where someone we love has lost control of their life.
Here’s the thing, we must take those concerns to the guilty party out of love not maliciousness or gleefully pointing out something they did wrong.
There is a right way and a wrong way to approach someone. We need to be mindful not only of our words but of our tone as well. You can say the right words, but with the wrong tone they are meaningless.
I am incredibly blessed to have my BBFF in my life that will not hesitate to let me know when I am out of line or if he sees me doing things that are detrimental to my life.
If we allow someone we love to continue down a path that will surely lead them to hell isn’t it our duty to speak up? I believe the answer is yes, once again all in the delivery.
Ok, I’m done preaching, working today 5AM to 1:30PM, not too shabby. Get in, get it done, get out. That’s my motto.

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