Fatty McButter Pants

I have several things to admit to today, the first is I actually stepped on the scale and if it could talk it would have yelled “hey fatty McButter pants get off of me!” It is beyond ridiculous. I am back on the food wagon big time. I’m so embarrassed.
The next thing is, I love the Walton’s and Little House on the Prairie. There I said it. You see those were the two things that my mom and I bonded over. As everyone knows I was adopted, not as a baby but as an older child. The first thing I noticed was my new mom had the whole set of Little House books, I was already a big fan. I could hardly believe it, I casually mentioned the books. My mom proceeded to tell me she loved them as they reminded her of her childhood in rural Oklahoma in the early 1900’s. It was an immediate bonding moment, we talked about the books and she would interweave her own adventures in the conversation. It was nothing short of magical.
Then one evening the Walton’s was on, I thought I was too cool for such a corny show. My mom said come watch this with me, then proceeded to tell me she loved the show because it reminded her of her early married life during the depression. She shared so many stories with me.
I tell you this in order to explain what happened to me last night. I was flipping through the channels and there it was. The Walton’s, an Easter story. I really tried to flip past it, but I couldn’t. I felt my mothers presence so strongly while it was on, it was nothing short of soothing. Then, to my surprise, was Julie Benz of Buffy and Angel fame. Currently on Defiance, of course I did the only thing I could. I tweeted it, and Julie Benz retweeted me!!! I was so excited! I know, a silly thing to be excited about but when one is currently Fatty McButter pants you have to take joy where you can find it.

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