Miley Cyrus

I haven’t written in a while because I have a lot in my head right now. I have about 15 different things rattling around in there, it gets crowded in my brain.
I think I’ll start with Miley Cyrus, nothing too controversial there. Right?
The VMA performance aside if one looks closely you can see shades of Lindsay Lohann and Amanda Bynes happening here. I have seen a lot of posts regarding this girl, and yes, she is a girl, not a grown woman. People like to pretend they are not bullies, but in reality we all have it in us. The vicious things people are saying is truly telling. These are the same people that will post an anti bullying meme and say this is an issue. However, because Miley is a famous person she is fair game. Is that right?
This is clearly a girl in turmoil, spiraling out of control at an exponential rate. She has stated she only sleeps 45 minutes at a time, combine that with the drug use (which she admits to) the lack of parental guidance, surrounding herself with people that will never tell her she is wrong, well it is an equation for a total implosion.
Social media is very telling, everyone becomes self-righteous and sanctimonious. Forgetting the things they did in their youth, once again I am beyond grateful there was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything else that could come back to haunt me.
Before anyone says oh she’s trying to to shed her Hannah Montana image, let’s take a look at some former child stars that did not feel the need to behave badly to prove they are adults.
Melissa Joan Hart, she grew up on television, the Nickelodeon channel was her home, then ABC. We all saw her go from child star to adult without twerking, without shedding her clothes and dignity. The difference between her and Miley? Melissa had a mother that made sure she was a parent first then a manager. Miley does not have that luxury, from all appearances her mother tells her everything she does is wonderful, in fact when she was barely 16 Annie Lebowitz was photographing her with very little clothing and in sexually provocative poses. With her parents on set approving every shot. Is anyone really surprised this is the road she is taking?
Now, her new song, Wrecking Ball, is really good, it is being overshadowed by the video. If one listens to the song they will get the symbolism of the naked on the wrecking ball scenes. The licking of the sledgehammer, that one escapes me. I do hope someone comes into her life soon that can sit her down and tell her the things she is doing for attention are detrimental not only to her physical well-being, but her mental health as well. Not to mention her career, from all accounts her new album is amazing. However, once again, being over-shadowed.
Oh, if you are one of these people that are speaking so badly about this girl, take a good long look at your daughters. If she were spiraling out of control and the whole world was witnessing it what would you like said about her?

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