Just Drive

As I was driving this morning I thought of my dad, he loved to drive and passed that down to me. There are two things about his driving that stand out, the first being if anyone pointed something out to him he would drive towards it. I learned not to do that due to the fact it was a little scary. The second was how fast he drove, one time, before I started driving, he pointed to a sign and said “see that number? It’s a suggestion.” It was the speed limit sign. I took that to heart, I literally cannot drive slow. Jeffrey asks me all the time “mom, how do you not get speeding tickets?” Well, the answer is simple, I’m cute, I’m personable and I make the highway patrol officers laugh.
The thing about driving fast is those of us who do have a tendency to go through life fast. It’s hard to slow down because we are so geared toward doing everything as fast as we possibly can.
It’s hard to turn that off, that feeling of urgency. I have a tendency to do things fast, I read fast, I type fast, I do everything fast. How does one slow down? That is the question of the day. Perhaps I should try driving slower, at least to the speed limit, although that will be difficult.
We got a new dog this weekend, Stormie, she is a Siberian Husky. I think you all know how I feel about those dogs. I do love the bigger dog, I call them dogs with heft. She is a sweet dog, good disposition, needs training, leash training, house training things like that. She is really smart, I think with work, consistency, discipline and love she will be an excellent dog, friend, companion and family member.
Special thanks to my friend Kat for transporting her to us! You totally rock!

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