Pie in the Sky

Men lie. There I said it, I see it a lot on Facebook, men saying oh I just want a good woman I don’t care what she looks like. That’s not true, in reality men want the airbrushed perfection, if they didn’t Playboy would never have even seen the light of day.
In our world Playboy, Sports Illustrated and Maxim do exist and are doing gangbuster business. All because men want airbrushed perfection.
It amuses me to see the denial running rampant on social media. Even in my own home, I hear it a lot. I love you no matter what you look like. That is not true.
Most men take what they can get realizing they themselves will never get the model in the magazine. Those women go for money, so unless you have a lot you will have to settle for the real woman.
There are a few women in real life that are exceptionally pretty, my daughter being one of them. I also work with a woman that is model pretty. I keep asking her why she works here.
Most women know their limitations, we do what we can with dieting and makeup and the fortunate ones that can afford plastic surgery.
I will continue reaching for the pie in the sky. Beauty treatments galore to make my skin less wrinkled, less saggy, I will diet constantly and occasionally work out.

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